About Me

Muryena (Just saying ‘hi’),

My name is Dan Around. My portion is content creation.

Our parents especially argue… but we have fond
memories of the places where they raised us. For me it’s sort of savanna
grasslands. It’s like that serene film location, over 280 kilometres from my
home town Mbale Eastern Uganda. It could be these recollections that have
inspired my ceaseless love for adventure.

I have been writing since childhood; Letters I wrote to
my dad who read each evening, stories that I published and not, articles I
contributed to… Yet, not until I was out of school, lost, confused and jobless,
was I hit by a wave of video content creation. In January 2018 I downloaded a
video editing app on my android phone and started making small videos about
places I visited. What was a wave soon grew into a passion.

On 29th May 2018, I packed my bag, travelled 200
kilometres further east and with my budget android piece I started making
travel videos.

My second month into this industry was phenomenal. I
travelled to the western part of the country to make videos. But day 1 was a
disappointment. I had no one to guide me in that strange place. I contacted a
friend who connected me to his colleague in the region where I was. We struck
an immediate friendship which has tremendously thrived since June 2018. The
next day he called me to make a small video of them play at a Danish Intern
house. By luck that I can not comprehend, the CEO of the program watched my
video and immediately asked I start making videos for their weekend trips
around the country (all using my phone). This was the first stepping stone for
my young career.

Within 6 months I had grown a small yet supportive and
impactful audience. I made a video about an artist friend who shared it with
his audience. And from his audience was his Belgian friend who fell in love
with my work. Which work has made us great friends both casually and
professionally, but also made an impact among viewers. From him have come
connections and content creation jobs. This goes a long way to suggest how
powerful networks are.

Welcome to my small world. Hope we can connect here,
make friends, share ideas and leave an impact. Ask me anything.

Why Dan Around?

Dan Around is travel enthusiast and video content creator. He has for over one year produced short video content for his online channel, companies and organizations. His videos cover a wide range of topics from travel to humanities. His mission is to show off his country Uganda to the rest of the world through publishing advisory travel blogs and videos.

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